Displaced Kiwi

This site is a two sided site, basically Work and Other

I am a Computer Professional, Portfolio leads to a brief resume, Automobilia leads to my obsession with cars.

Behind the scenes this site is also a test bench and has extensions for other projects and clients.

Why Displaced Kiwi you may ask? Well its a friendly phrase used to refer to a New Zealander (Kiwi - flightless bird native to New Zealand) living overseas (being displaced) and that would be me!

Simple :)

Ricki Reynolds


A brief resume for my 26 year Information Technology Career. I have wide ranging experience including, but not limited to Website Development, coding and Support, Systems Administration and Management, Database Administration, Network Administration, Project Planning and Consulting. I try to keep things as simple and clean as possible, accomplishing as complicated a task as any client can dream up for me!

  • Systems include Linix / Unix, Mac OSX and OSX Server, VMS (VAX and Alpha), Windows 7 / 8 / XP / 2000 / 2003 Server / NT / Vista, even Primos way back in some distant past.
  • Databases include MySQL, Oracle, Oracle RDB (ex Digital), MS Access.
  • Programming and coding mostly Internet and Web based Applications in PHP, Laravel, Yii, HTML, Ajax, Json, Javascript, XML, Java, Flex, Perl, Flash - Action scripting, ASP, Joomla, Unix Shell Scripting, oh and lets not forget DCL!
  • Apart from custom applications, I have recently assisted several companies rebuild WordPress sites that were hacked and they did not have backups!

Today the "lamp" environment is where I do most of my consulting and contract work. I have developed an automated online ordering, artwork layout, printing, binding, shipping and invoicing system for a small graphics company (basically they run their business on my custom website). I directly administer / Support / Develop servers running Linux (or unix variants - mostly OSX, Ubuntu, Debian and Red Hat Enterprise RHEL), Apache Web Servers (SSL security), PHP, MySql supported by automated administration via cron jobs (shell scripts and PHP command line based scripts). I setup, move, clone and administer cloud servers with Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Network Solutions. I administer these environments with Webmin / Plesk / Cpanel or completely manually from a terminal window. I mostly do "backend" coding and specialize in creating or integrating existing websites with dynamic database driven content and systems. Although lately I have been doing more website coding, managing projects developed in the Yii Framework and fixing broken WordPress sites. I have done a lot of work developing and integrating on-the-fly dynamic (from user or database content) PDF files in PHP for clients. I have setup and customized numerous oscommerce e-commerce sites. I support companies computer systems and networks which is all pieces of hardware and software starting from where the fibre or bonded T1 hits the building and ending with the users keyboards.

When coding I mostly start from scratch and by hand. I pride myself on my problem solving skills and being able to make the best use of current technology to suit a clients needs without unnecessary costs. Its easy to get an html coder to produce a form or a Graphics Artist to produce a slick design or Flash screen, but you need somebody to take that snazzy visual content and make it work dynamically on your website and for your company. You need it to interface with your Databases and existing systems to provide instant, accurate, secure and reliable content to your customers and for your business.

Please contact me if you are interested in my services.

Ricki Reynolds


When I am not sitting at a computer, or entertaining the family, my hobby is working on old cars, building, enjoying and maintaining them. This is a slide show of the stable.
1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery

1947 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery
1949 Chevy Sports Coupe Deluxe

1949 Chevrolet Sports Coupe Deluxe
1965 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

1965 Dodge Dart GT Convertible
1964 Volvo P1800S

1964 Volvo P1800S
1934 Ford V8 2 door

1934 Ford V8